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​Sofija Andruchovyč

The extensive novel by one of the most important authors of contemporary Ukrainian fiction revolves around the theme of memory, the relationship between memory and forgetting.


Milan Kundera

The book offers reflection on our place on Earth, self-knowledge, mortality, loyalty, love. About the aging of each of us, but also about the aging of modern European culture as a whole.

Prašina: Chalk Figure

Vojtěch Matocha

Prašina is back! Changed, with new heroes and in the comics, but it is still it. Seven separate comic books are published as a collective book edition in Slovak.

Faces and dates in the rearview mirror

Martin Bútora

The present can best be understood if we know the past. In his book, Martin Bútora provides brief reflections on the turning points in history of the past decades. These texts will enable the reader to better understand what happened in 1918, 1939, 1968,

The man who sold the air in Holy land

Omer Friedlander

​The debut collection of stories by Israeli-American author Omer Friedlander is a fantastic and imaginative trip to the narrow streets of Jerusalem, the desolate Negev desert and the picturesque orange groves of Jaffa, Israel.

Elizabeth Finch

Julian Barnes

​Elizabeth Finch is a professor, Neil is a failed actor and a student in her Culture and Civilization course. Neil is charmed by the stoic, withdrawn and inspirational woman, and her passion for thinking resonates with him long after he loses her forever.