The Holy Butcher of Šamorín

Peter Pečonka

The Holy Butcher of Šamorín and Other Stories from the Times of the Small Danube War: It is an illusion that we know everything about the Hungary-Slovakia relations. We are only trying to make ourselves believe that the current location is absolute.

A fiction called Small Danube War will set us right. It describes with ease how weak are the lines which define our everyday life. Unexpectedly interrupted lives of not-that-ordinary people lead into not-that-usual situations which are close to catastrophes. When it happens, it is not enough to be witty, fighting, brave, to have a dry sense of humour or other character traits heroes of the book still have. Not even historically reliable miracles can change the future, because it always comes through the gates of today and changes everything we relied on in one second.


Peter Pečonka (1965)


Palo Bálik (1977)

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