Hello, Hello, Misses Cat!

Ľuboslav Paľo

Children book full of splendid illustrations with a Golden Apple prize from BIB 2005.

The first picture book of Artforum, winner of the BIB Golden Apple 2005, translated into English, German, Korean, and finally published in its original language. Although with very little text, it is full of wild and beautiful illustrations and for the smallest children it can be their first meeting with the world of a true piece of art. Colorful paintings comment on stories about love, friendship and various animal and wildlife incidents.

Ľuboslav Paľo (1968)

Grafic an illustrator, the author of several picture books. He holds many awards at home and abroad. He graduated from the Faculty of Education, Safarik University in Presov and Department of graphics and book illustration with professor Dušan Kállay at Fine Arts in Bratislava. Friendship and cooperation with the poet Erik Groch significantly affected ... More.