Decalogue according to Kieślowski

Daniel Pastirčák

Essays inspired by Krzysztof Kieślowski's films from the Decalogue series, in which the author looks for the meaning and the place of Ten Commandments in these days.

Daniel Pastirčák is a theologian, thinker, illustrator, and journalist, but his work is not intended only for people seeking religious answers - in his reflections he addresses universal themes relating to all the people of today. In this book he is looking for a place of Ten Commandments in our ordinary life in the 21st century.

True fullness always comes as a gift from the dimension beyond us. Also, every love encounter, every beauty, every inspiration by a piece of new knowledge - comes as a moment of miracle, as a gift. Therefore, we often prefer dispersal in tireless activities before resting in concentrated loneliness and silence. We are afraid to stop, to do nothing, to stay in silence, immobility without stimulus, to open the mystery of being. We are afraid of the emptiness that appears when all this feverish movement stops.

Daniel Pastirčák (1959)

Priest, poet, writer and painter Daniel Pastirčák (1959) was born in Prešov. He graduated at the Secondary School of Industrial Art in Košice and Bratislava (Department of ceramics). A shortertime he works in the Bratislava City Gallery, then he studied t More.

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