Thousand Years Old Woman

Ľuba Lesná

Four stories about four courageous and yet invisible women from ancient times until present.

The stories of women throughout history, from ancient times until present share a common struggle to live a dignified and truthful life. All of the women are either wrongly accused of crimes or they fight against unjust and unfavourable state machinery. They feel lonely in their endeavors but never surrender. Their courageous lives leave the readership with the optimism that truth and justice can be established. Each story was inspired by fables and fictionalized history supported by preserved facts about the ancient queen Klytaimnestra, Alma Rosé - a niece of Gustav Mahler, Elizabeth Báthory and Lýdia Piovarcsyová – Steinerová, the daughter of the antiquarian from Bratislava.

Ľuba Lesná (1954)


Radoslav Bielený (1981)