The invisible cities

Italo Calvino

Cities, their descriptions, stories and beautiful illustrations that accompany them. Everlasting classic book gets a new coat.

Calvino's Marco Polo is the same Marco Polo as the one of the great Kublai Khan. He sends him on many journeys around the empire so that he could listen to the reports in a pleasant shade of the royal gardens afterwards. Marco Polo talks about cities using gestures, facial expressions, travel souvenirs... but he is actually speaking about one city - his birthplace, Venice. It is fascinating how many faces this city has according to the traveller, diplomat and messenger. And it is not less fascinating how many different ways Calvino uses to bring his reader to the very last sentence in which the key message for our days is written.

Invisible cities will be hidden also in the invisible illustrations of Daniela Olejníková and thoughtful graphic design by Palo Bálik.

Italo Calvino (1923 — 1985)


Stanislav Vallo (1951)


Daniela Olejníková (1986)

One of the most notable figures of Slovak contemporary book illustration. More.

Palo Bálik (1977)

Typographer, graphic designer and head of the Laboratory of the Department of Typography at the Faculty of Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In his free time he is devoted to organizing the exhibitions, lectures and popularization in the field of visual communication. Books with his layouts and graphic design have been awarded by many prizes. (Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia, Bratislava ... More.