Summerhouse, Later

Judith Hermann

The collection of short stories Summerhouse, later, was published for the first time in Germany in 1998. Strong, melancholic and dense short stories with their own humor have shaped several generations since then, and today critics and readers classify them as cult classics.

Even 25 years after its first edition, this timeless work is still relevant - the author's concise style is recognizable and addictive, as is the original, magical and captivating atmosphere or unforgettable iconic characters.

"We sat outside in the gardens and in the houses of people with whom we had nothing to do. There lived workers, small peasants, free-time gardeners who hated us and we hated them. We avoided the locals, just thinking about them made us sick. It was not good. We stole their sense of a closed community, we defaced the villages, the fields and even the sky, they realized it and were turned on by our movement like in the movie Easy Rider, our butts from joints in the flower beds of their front gardens and our toasts." (Quotation from the short story of the same name from the new book Summerhouse, later.)

With 1.5 million books sold, Judith Hermann is one of the most widely read authors of contemporary German literature. The short story collection Letný dom, later, was her debut. Her latest novel, Home, was published in 2021 by the Artforum publishing house.

Judith Hermann (1970)

She is one of the most famous German writers of her generation. Judith Hermann was born in 1970 in Berlin. She is one of the most famous German authors of her generation. She made her debut with the collection of short stories Sommerhaus, später (1998) (Summer house, later - Artforum 2023). This was followed by ... More.

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