The man who sold the air in Holy land

Omer Friedlander

A divorced con man with a daughter sells empty bottles full of "holy air" to naive tourists; Lebanon's Scheherazade charms three young soldiers in a bombed-out radio building in Beirut; an Israeli volunteer mourns the death of her son who died in Gaza.

Friedlander's stories and their main characters are incredibly vivid and colorful. They are actually some kind of fairy tales for adults, turned upside down. In the book, the author mixed an impressive cocktail of opposite ingredients; on the one hand, it is flavored with fragile intimacy, on the other with comedy with absurd elements.

Omer Friedlander (1994)

Omer Friedlander (1994) was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Tel Aviv. His debut collection of short stories, The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land, won numerous awards, including the Jewish Library Association Award and the Sophie Brody Award. ... More.


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