Mr. Distinctive

Olga Tokarczuk

He has an extraordinary face that will immediately be etched in your memory.

Everyone knows him, as soon as he leaves the house, everyone smiles at him. He is very happy with himself, likes to take selfies with his super phone and puts several photos on the Internet every day. However, one day he stands in front of the mirror and discovers with horror that his face has changed and he is no longer what he was, he is no longer Mr. Distinctive.

The fictional world of the strong author duo Tokarczuk - Concejo is a transparent metaphor for contemporary society, which is dominated by the cult of beauty, youth and self-presentation. Can our hero get out of it alive and well? What about us?

Olga Tokarczuk (1962)


Karol Chmel (1953)

Slovak editor, poet and translator. More.

Joanna Concejo (1971)

Polish illustrator, her books have been published in numerous countries including France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Korea. "Her work is like a pebble thrown in the water: its splash reverberates in circles of emotion and thoughts that linger." More.