The boy with star-shaped eyes

Pero Le Kvet

A magical story written by the pataphysicist Pero Le Kvet and beautifully illustrated by Martina Matlovičová.

A boy without a name runs after a red butterfly through a magical land full of unexpected meetings. He meets a lot of traditional fairy tale characters on his way that suddenly express themselves in a completely new light. Very poetic and entertaining book full of colorful illustrations by Martina Matlovičová reminds parents of the fairy tale characters, which they may have forgotten and conveys to children a trip full of fantasy. Written by the world famous pataphysicist and short form master Pero Le Kvet, The Boy with the Star Shaped Eyes is his brilliant debut for children.

Pero Le Kvet (1988)


Martina Matlovičová (1975)

One of the most original and most appreciated Slovak illustrator, author of the book illustrations Tracy tiger and Giraffe mom. More.

Martina Rozinajová (1984)

She illustrates children's books as well as she does graphic design and book design. Martina Rozinajová finished her studies as a graphic designer in 2012 studying visual communication. She was awarded twice a national prize for design. Her project New Schoolbooks was shortlisted in the best graduation works Graduation Projects 2013. ... More.