Restless sleepers

Michaela Rosová

​The new book by Michaela Rosova, Restless Sleepers, consists of thirteen short stories and one essay about the method. They are united by her original observations, excellent style and a pervasive sense of solitude.

In her stories, Michaela Rosová combines seemingly unrelated attributes - subtlety with biting irony, tears with a smile, depth with lightness, gray reality with the surreal.

She binds his characters with strange relationships and then unravels the knots. She tells the story of the ruins of the castle; about a guy who came to buy a pet for his little son; about three writers in one apartment; about Mariena, who went with a jug to get water and ended up strangely... Restless sleepers are juicy in content and form.

Michaela Rosová (1984)

Michaela ROSOVÁ was born in Senica. She is a two-time finalist of the literary competition Poviedka (Short story) (2005 and 2006), in 2006 she won a prize in the literary competition Román (Novel). She debuted with the novel Hlava nehlava (2009). In 2011, she published the novel Dandy, which was in the final shortlist of Slovak literary prize Anasoft litera. She writes critical blogs about Slovak literature, and she is one of the few, who is ... More.

Patrícia Koyšová (1985)

A painter who lives and works in Bratislava. In 2016, she completed her doctoral studies in the field of liberal arts with professor Ivan Csudai at the VŠVU in Bratislava, and she names her art program as painting research of non-representative abstract p She already has more than 50 exhibitions and collaborations to her credit. In 2011, she won the Rector's Prize in the Fine Art category with her diploma thesis ZOOM, in 2021 she was a Strabag Artaward finalist. About painting she says: "Painting ... More.


​Matúš Lelovský (1982)

He studied in the graphic design studio under Pavel Choma and later in the typography laboratory under Paľ Bálik. He mainly deals with visual communication - designing complete visuals for exhibitions and various events, book design, publication design, ... More.