My Dear Lady

Dežo Ursiny

A unique book and the only "novel in letters" from the unique slovak musician Dežo Ursiny.

Letters to a special friend - deep, personal, daily, are a straight testimony about the country, friendships, oeuvre and fate of this unique man, that were published 12 years after his death.

Dežo Ursiny (1947 — 1995)

​Dezider Ursiny was a Slovak rock musician and a television and film screenwriter and director. He belongs to a wide group of legends of Czechoslovak Big Beat. Dežo Ursiny was a member of big beat bands The Beatmen, The Soulmen in the 1960s and since the mid-1970s, until his death he pursued a solo-career, composing sophisticated artistic and ... More.

Erik Jakub Groch

Poet, designer and publisher, author of several books for children He entered official literature in 1989 with a collection of poems Private Lessons in Sadness. Groch's poetics is based on the so-called Christian lyric in its more civil variation. Especially in the second book his poetry is expressed in a modern way ... More.