Peter Goes

Wandering through history

<em>Let us take a journey in time that walks us through the history of the world, from big bang up to the present. Together we will look closely at prehistoric dinosaurs, the lives and inventions of the people of the ancient cities, the cruel Greco-Persian wars, the unique buildings of the Egyptians, the Viking boats, and the dancing with the children of flowers. We will encounter the civilizations of Sumer, Romans, Aztecs, and modern nations that have changed the image of our world and experienced their peaks and falls. They created amazing cultures, precious works of art, constructed unique buildings, but also experienced wars, power struggles, and famines. Wandering brings us to the stormy 20th century - and is heading for an unclear future.</em>

The book for both small and big readers brings interesting historical facts and presents events, myths and individual personalities that have shaped our world. On eighty pages it offers beautiful illustrations that help understand the story of mankind in context. Belgian illustrator Peter Goes chose the most important facts for his most famous book, all that mankind experienced during its existence.

Peter Goes (1968)

Peter Goes lives in Belgium where he works as a freelance illustrator. He studied animation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium. More.

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