Mom Giraffe and other Monsters

Alexandra Salmela

Saša Salmela's crazy fairy tales are never enough and never become ordinary.

21 short fairy tales, in which the writer Alexandra Salmela describes in catching fantastic stories the troubles of children coping with sometimes incomprehensible world of the adults. Martina Matlovičová, well-known young illustrator, adds to the stories her lively pictures, which give children's imagination the space to move forward a bit more. The book is being published in the same time in Slovakia and in Finland – in two publishing houses and two languages – because Alexandra Salmela is a slovak author living and raising her children in Finland.

The stories present a little bit crazy situations. For example a dad is turned into a magnetic knight and all that is from metal is attracted to him. Or a mom turns into giraffe and the kids glide on her neck. Or on the other hand good mom is replaced by a boring mom, that has no time to play. Crazy stories with all kinds of heroes will make all the children smile and laugh and will open up their fantasy and imagination.

Alexandra Salmela (1980)

The author of many poems, fairy tales short stories and dramas. He lives in Finland for a long time, but still has not learned skis. To swim knows. Oak trees grown in her pots and she plays with monsters. And next to it, she writes stories. Alexandra Salmela (born 1980 in Bratislava, former Czechoslovakia; now the capital of Slovakia), who only started studying Finnish in her 20s. Mrs. Salmela has now been living in Finland. She’s married to a Finn with children. The work with ... More.

Martina Matlovičová (1975)

One of the most original and most appreciated Slovak illustrator, author of the book illustrations Tracy tiger and Giraffe mom. More.

Palo a Janka Bálik

Janka and Palo Balik were starting with us our publishing house as a graphic designers, devised and created for Artforum many covers and visuals of a books. Many of them were awarded in the competition The Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia. More.