Christ and other miniatures

Zuzana Mojžišová

A reflection of the world told in small fragments of reality: serious, funny, absurd. A year of the life of this world - from winter to winter, from creation to death.

In four dozen short stories of the book Christ and other miniatures, the present is reflected - shallow, but also deep, superficial, but also internalized. The author Zuzana Mojžišová glosses the present in a small space and in a few sentences.

She writes about how Alzáčik went to work for the first time, about Ignác, who was moved by a piece of toilet paper thrown on the street, about a sad Christ and war, about Zlatuš, who has a goat called Róza, about politicians choking on their own slurs, or about a heart in stockings . A sad-funny, playful and colorful book about us and for us.

Zuzana Mojžišová (1965)

She studied screenwriting, currently teaches at the Performing Arts in Bratislava, Department of Art Critics. She publishes fiction, journalism and publishing texts in domestic and foreign journals and anthologies. She is a permanent collaborator of .týžd More.

Michal Mojžiš