Affliction with the school

Daniel Pennac

An original view of education and learning in an institution called school, with empathy for those, who sit in the classrooms.

In the autobiographical book Chagrin d'école Daniel Pennac remembers his own school years and the years of his teaching. He writes passionately about education, untraditionally from the point of view of weaker pupils, that have problems at school. He understands them a lot - he was also during his school years one of them, a hopeless case condemned for failure in his life. Stories from his own school time he offers with a typical humor. Pennac, of course, succeeded in the end. One of his teachers "saved him". He gave him a task to write a novel. And Pennac found his talent.

Daniel Pennac (1944)

​Daniel Pennac is a great french writer, known for his novels and books for children. Pennac worked as a high school teacher of french language as well for nearly twenty five years. His teaching experience inspired him to write an essay collection Comme un roman (Gallimard 1992), that became well known in France. Pennac writes there ... More.

Palo a Janka Bálik

Janka and Palo Balik were starting with us our publishing house as a graphic designers, devised and created for Artforum many covers and visuals of a books. Many of them were awarded in the competition The Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia. More.