Jana Farmanová: Under the Sign of Virgo

Ivana Moncoľová

The book includes the selection of works by contemporary painter Jana Farmanová, divided into sections according to the technique used. There are watercolour paintings and drawings, followed by paintings. The focus is given to her watercolour paintings that have not been presented so far separately in such a large scale. The technique of watercolour painting that requires concentration, focus and speed, form the essence of Farmanová’s further artworks.

Such a technique foregrounds the fleeting temporariness of everyday situations that she gradually develops and multiplies in representations and thus homogenises her own iconography. The family life, mainly the life of her daughters, dominate the scenes that she selects for representation and revisits every second decade. On one hand they serve as a source of inspiration for her, on the other hand they decode her relation to the present. It is not coincidental that face - in painting defined as a portrait genre - dominates the situations that she develops as her themes. Jana Farmanová captures the momentary, she perceives the fleeting moments with insight and empathy. She affirms those moments in their presence juxtaposed with her own being, with parallel worlds and thoughts of other human beings. She has always been open to accept the thoughts of another human being, whether in her works or in her life, she strives to render this kind of understanding in her own artistic language.

Ivana Moncoľová (1980)

Young art historian focused contemporary art. More.

Jana Farmanová (1970)

Slovak painter, active in the visual art since the end of the 1990s. She is one of the most influental painters of contemporary slovak and czech art scene, respected by viewers and artcollectors as well. More.