There is Someone in the House

Ľudmila Petruševská

Choice of the short stories of a great contemporary Russian writer.

Book of a contemporary Russian writer Lyudmilla Petrushevskaya There is Someone in the House is a selection of stories from different periods of her formation, which represent two groups of texts. The central theme of the first group is the tragic fate of Russian women told by a non-participating observer from a position of cruel realism and shocking by its uncompromising accuracy of detecting the dark recesses of the human soul and a social being.

The second group are mostly short stories about the mysterious nature of the mystical, mysterious phenomena of our life where possible and impossible, obvious and conjectured, reality and dream are so closely overlapping, and it seems that it is an integral part of lived life. Impact of her texts is enhanced by the application of the principle of authentic registration of a live speech.

Ľudmila Petruševská (1938)

Lyudmila Stefanovna Petrushevskaya (Russian: Людмила Стефановна Петрушевская) is a Russian writer, novelist and playwright. In 1979 she was co-writer of the scenario for one of the most influential Russian animated films, Tale of Tales. She served as a jury member in the 3rd Open Russian Festival of Animated Film in 1998. In a 1993 interview with Sally Laird, translator ... More.