The Education of Little Trees

Forrest Carter

The book is a retelling of stories from the life of an Indian boy, whose parents died and after that he lives with the grandparents, wise people of the Cherokee tribe.

If you have the feeling that the success of ours did not really work out,

if you have the impression that we went too far,

if you have the suspicion that we got lost in the hypermarket,

if you think we sold our sold to the world bank,

if you would like to see the White Winner from further away,

read this book.

Unravel the whole mirror, page after page, and you will see us in it.

You will see us all:

the traders prostrated by the majesty of the wild forest;

the preacher surprised by the growling of the frog because he did not notice that his own God is laughing at him from the coat of the red-man.

although the mirror is a bit cooked, it is clear as a tear.

The tear of the red-men in the dust of the road to exile.

if you want to see the world as it is,

look at it through the eyes of a child,

look at it from the depth of the mountain,

look at it together with an old man.

The old man has to be of course at least half Indian.

So that is the way this book looks at the world.

Forrest Carter (1925 — 1979)

Asa Earl "Forrest" Carter was an American political speechwriter and author. He was most notable for publishing novels and a best-selling, award-winning memoir under the name Forrest Carter, an identity as a Native American Cherokee. In 1976, following the publication success of his western The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales, The New York Times revealed Forrest Carter to be Southerner Asa Earl Carter. His background became national news again in 1991 after his purported memoir, The ... More.

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