My Czech dream-book

Alexander Balogh

Journalist and writer Alexander Balogh publishes his next work entitled My Czech dream-book. However, it is not about the interpretation of dreams, but about the experiences of meeting selected artists and their works, which resemble pleasant and instructive dreams.

The book presents fifteen important personalities of Czech art and culture (Egon Bondy, Eugen Brikcius, Jiří Černý, Václav Havel, Josef Holcman, Bohumil Hrabal, Ivan Martin Jirous, Svatopluk Karásek, Vladimír Merta, Vladimír Mišík, Vítězslav Nezval, Břetislav Rychlík, Andrej Stankovič , Jiří Suchý and Ludvík Vaculík).

However, the selection of these personalities is not the result of any survey or ranking, it is the author's private choice. In the book, Alexander Balogh does not provide detailed biographies or encyclopedic entries, but subtle personal stories. When processing the texts, the author (with one exception) relies on personal meetings during his long-term journalistic experience in the SME and Denník N newspapers.

The book was published by the civil association ars_litera and Artforum.

Alexander Balogh (1946)


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