Milan Kundera

The book offers reflection on our place on Earth, self-knowledge, mortality, loyalty, love. About the aging of each of us, but also about the aging of modern European culture as a whole.

Chantal has already had one marriage and a tragic experience - the death of a child. Her younger partner Jean-Marc has given up his medical studies and his ambitions. He seeks the meaning of life in a relationship with his older and more experienced wife. In an attempt to dispel her fears of aging, he starts sending her anonymous letters with confessions, he wants to prove to her that she is still attractive. However, the innocent game goes awry and the pair face a loss of trust.

The novel was published in French in 1997, but it deals with absolutely timeless topics that people have been asking since time immemorial. How to build and maintain confidence when we are constantly exposed to pressure from the outside world? How to protect your "ivory tower"? Can the cracks be mended, or is the balance broken forever? "The questions that Kundera asks have certainly been asked by many. If you belong to Kunder's readers, this thin book will certainly not disappoint you," says translator Elena Flašková.

Milan Kundera (1929 — 2023)

Was a Czech-French writer. He lived in France from 1975 and wrote in French from the late 1980s. During his lifetime, he became the world's most successful and translated author of Czech origin. He died on July 11, 2023 in Paris. He studied philosophy and musicology. He also graduated from the Film Faculty of AMU, where he later lectured on world literature. He was expelled from the Communist Party for "anti-party activity", after 1956 his membership was restored and he was ... More.

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