Me and My Brother

Broňa Schraggeová

Strong story about life and death in pictures of a talented artist.

"Comics" began to occur shortly after the death of the author's brother from the need to preserve memories of shared moments. Graphic linear pen drawings are related to the story that leads us through the common life from their early childhood to the moment when they must overcome a period of serious illness of Filip. Pictures of carefree adolescence change into the testimony of severe struggle for his healing.

It's an insight into a family album of a normal family, particularly through the relationship of sister and brother. Extremely strong story that the family has gone through is mediated not by words but images. Pictures speak for themselves and description is not necessary. There are only few dialogues that emphasize the power of this story.

It's a story at the end of which is a lot of pain and questions. It's a story about the power and importance of family relationships, suffering and hope.

Verbal descriptions of the same story, in the optics of mother - psychologist, offers a book of Milica Schraggeová: Everything´s Gonna Be Alright Till the Autumn.

Broňa Schraggeová (1985)

Graphic designer, scenographer and musician from Bratislava More.

Juraj Meszároš

Graphic designer and artist. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. More.