A Minute

Ihar Babkov

The contemporary reality of Belarus, so much alike to the one of recent Slovakia.

From the seven books of Ihar Babkov, three of them caught the attention of the readers in Belarus and abroad. His texts were translated into seven languages.

Ihar Babkov (1964)

​Writer, poet, philosopher and translator. Ihar Babkov is an important belarusian writer, poet, philosopher, and translator. Born in Homiel (Belarus) in 1964. Member of the Union of Belarusian Writers and Belarusian PEN-Centre. Having graduated from the philosophical department of Belarusian ... More.

​Ľubor Matejko (1964)

Head of the Department of Russian and East European Studies at Comenius University in Bratislava Lecture on a history and culture of Russia, History and Culture of Eastern Europe, the older Russian literature and Slavic Studies.He leads selective courses on cultural heritage of Eastern Europe. He is the author of several monographies and science ... More.

​Ivana Slivková (1982)

She has experienced Belarus at first hand. Several times. Ivana Slivková studied Slavonic with a specialization for Belarusian language and culture. She acts as an assistant at the Department of Central European Studies, Faculty of Philosophy at the University in Prešov. She is the author of the monography ... More.

Zuzana Číčelová

Graphic designer More.