​Sofija Andruchovyč

The extensive novel by one of the most important authors of contemporary Ukrainian fiction revolves around the theme of memory, the relationship between memory and forgetting, about the incompleteness and constant changeability of human personalities. The narrative of the novel is made up of a bizarre mosaic. repressed and distorted memories that are the result of the interpretation of the past and the search for one's own identity.

The search for the legendary lake Amadoka, on whose imaginary shores the heroes live, represents for them the living water of memory and the dead water of oblivion.

It is the largest lake in Europe located on the territory of modern Ukraine, which was first mentioned by Herodotus in his History, then it appeared on the maps of various cartographers for hundreds of years, until it suddenly disappeared without a trace. In the book, it becomes a magnificent metaphor for Ukraine, its present, history and especially the diversity of the population.

​Sofija Andruchovyč (1982)

​Sofija Andruchovych is a Ukrainian writer, translator, publicist. Sofija Andruchovych is a Ukrainian writer, translator, publicist. She was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, a well-known literary city. She is the author of the prose books Лито Милени (Milenino leto, 2002), Старі люди (Old people, 2003), Україны их міжных ... More.


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​Veronika Goldiňáková studied English and Russian at FiF UK in Bratislava. Since his studies, he has been engaged in translation - professional and artistic from English, Russian, Ukrainian, and gradually from Croatian. In her spare time she learns new languages, currently it is Macedonian for a year. She is a member of the ... More.

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