Marián Andričík

He is engaged in literary studies and as translator, he worked as editor of Dotyky magazin More.

Krištof Anetta

Psychologist, linguist, programmer and also a translator lately. More.

Adam Bžoch

Adam Bžoch is a literary scientist and translator. He is the author of several scientific books and essays. More.

Karol Chmel

Slovak editor, poet and translator. More.

Ester Danelová

Psychologist and occasional translator. More.

Ildikó Drugová

Ildikó Drugová writes poetry and translated from the English and Russian languages​​. More.

Vladislav Gális

Translator from English, and journalist More.

Miroslava Gavurová

Miroslava Gavurová works as a lecturer at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Faculty of Arts at the University of Prešov. More.

Veronika Goldiňáková

​Veronika Goldiňáková studied English and Russian at FiF UK in Bratislava. More.

Mila Haugová

One of the most translated and the most prolific Slovak poet. More.

Otto Havrila

Otto Havrila studied at the Comenius University musicology, but more interested him literature and philosophy. He translate since 1990 and translated for example Meir Shalev, S. Rushdie or Nicole Krauss . More.

Blahoslav Hečko

Significant translator from a Romance languages​​, literary scientist and theorist of literary translation. More.

Daniel Hevier

​Daniel Hevier is an almost universal writer: he writes poetry, prose, essays, lyrics and scripts. He is also a dramatist and translator and editor of many anthologies. More.

Michal Hvorecký

​Michal Hvorecký (1976) writes prose and translates from German (Timus Vermes, Martin Pollack, Dea Loher). He works at the Goethe Institute and lives with his family in Bratislava. More.

Adriana Komorníková

Translator and editor. She studied Natural Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava. She worked for the media (eg. Radio Free Europe) and foundations (eg. SOCIA) and as an editor in book publishing Porta Libri. More.

Otakar Kořínek

A leading translator of Anglo-Saxon literature, which was twice rewarded for Literary Translation. More.

Jozef Kot

Writer and a leading translator of Anglo-Saxon literature, which has been rewarded several times for Literary Translation. More.

Martin Kubuš

Slovak translator, teaching at the Philosophical Faculty of Matej Bel University. More.

​Ľubor Matejko

Head of the Department of Russian and East European Studies at Comenius University in Bratislava More.

Jana Michalová

wife, mother, grandmother, librarian, reader More.

Veronika Michalová

Veronika was born in August 1987,early enough to fluently sing the national anthem of Czechoslovakia during the Vevet revolution in 1989 in Bratislava. More.

Katarína Motyková

Teacher of Swedish grammar, phonetics, Nordic culture and translation from Swedish on the Comenius University in Bratislava. More.

Igor Navrátil

Reputable translator from French. More.

Aňa Ostrihoňová

She worked as a translator for the European Commission and the European Parliament. After returning to Slovakia she founded the publishing house Inaque. She also publishes essays and reviews for the newspaper , literary magazine and tv.. More.

Eva Palkovičová

She graduated at Slovak and Spanish at the Faculty of Arts in Bratislava. Since 2005 works at the Department of Romance Studies FFUK.She focuses on the translation of Hispanoamerica prose of the 20th century. More.

Alena Redlingerová

​Alena Redlingerová was studying journalism at Charles University in Prague. She is translating literature and fiction since 1993 . She translated : Mark Haddon, Virginia Woolf, John Boyne, and the works of Agatha Christie, John Grisham and Daniela Silva. More.

Viera Rybárová

Specialized literature translator, teacher at the Academy of Performing Arts. More.

Alexandra Salmela

The author of many poems, fairy tales short stories and dramas. He lives in Finland for a long time, but still has not learned skis. To swim knows. Oak trees grown in her pots and she plays with monsters. And next to it, she writes stories. More.

Jarmila Samcová

Translator and editor. Winner of several awards for artistic translation. She is leading magazin Revue of world's literature. More.

Silvia Singer

Translator from Hebrew to czech and slovak language was born in Košice, now living in Prague. More.

​Ivana Slivková

She has experienced Belarus at first hand. Several times. More.

Martin Solotruk

Translator and poet. His first book of poetry, Tiché vojny (Silent Wars), won the Slovak Literary Fund Best Debut Award in 1997, and his second collection, Mletie, was published in 2001. More.

Zuzana Stankovitsová

Since 2010 she lives in Iceland, where she studied at the University of Iceland modern Icelandic, and Icelandic history. More.

Ján Štrasser

Editor, lyricist, writer, journalist and translator. More.

Pavel Vilikovský

Living classic Slovak prose and a great translator. More.

Andrej Zmeček

Translator from German. More.