The Deep Sea Tales

Monika Kompaníková

A book about the deep friendship at the bottom of the sea with beautiful illustrations by Veronika Holecová in the design of Martina Rozinajová and author- the winner of Anasoft litera Monika Kompaníková. The book was awarded i.a. as The Most Beautiful Book in Slovakia in 2013, received a premium Literary Fund for children's literature and is preparing its Italian translation.

Imagine the water world under the sea. As a pot full of well salted plankton soup, it is full of floating fish, octopuses, medusas, mermaids, huge mammals and other creatures, submarines and one or two bathyscaphs. And down, the sea bottom.

On the bottom of the deepest valley, in the depth bigger than 10000 metres, on the north edge of the Pacific ocean, there, where no ray of sun light can reach, neither a submarine or japanese divers who collect pearls, there is nothing anymore.

Although it is not completely true. Even in the most dark and cold darkness a life can be found. On the bottom of the deepest valley lives a fish.

Apart from lazy fish Biba with broken teeth, her friend sea snake Rado lives by, whose head lamp breaks all the time, together with more blinking creatures. Together they search for a new home or sea glass, together they give sea parties and get rid of submarines.

Through their funny stories we can get to know the ral underwater world as well.

Monika Kompaníková, known most for her novel Fifth ship awarded by the Anasoft litera prize, the most respected literary prize in Slovakia, together with the young illustrator Veronika Holecová and graphic designer Martina Rozinajová created original children's book with real illustrations, small atlas of creatures and stories, that will open to their readers a world that was for them till then completely unknown.

Monika Kompaníková (1979)

The author of the awarded novel The fifth ship, which was , a collections of short stories and author of the text of the children's book Stories from the Deep Sea. Monika Kompaníková was born in 1979, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Desing in Bratislava. She was a two time finalist in Slovakia´s “Short Story Contest and then a member of the jury. Her first published work,a collection of short ... More.

Veronika Klímová (1989)

Awarded llustrator, She exhibited at Slovakia and also abroad (i. a. on Book Fair in Bologna). Veronika Holecová (1989) grew up in a family of paleontologist and entomologist. In the time Stories from the Deep Sea was made, she studied in the third year of Fine Arts University in the Atelier of graphics and illustration. She illustrated school ... More.

Martina Rozinajová (1984)

She illustrates children's books as well as she does graphic design and book design. Martina Rozinajová finished her studies as a graphic designer in 2012 studying visual communication. She was awarded twice a national prize for design. Her project New Schoolbooks was shortlisted in the best graduation works Graduation Projects 2013. ... More.