Apple tree in Winter. Letters to Eva Rosenbaum

Dežo Ursiny

An epistolary novel taking us to the ‘70s atmosphere, so that we can meet a 20-year-old Dežo and the world he lived in.

Letters to Eva by Dežo Ursiny are taking place from 1971 to 1973. First of all, they are letters of the lovers' passion and desire. They fill the empty space of physical absence with conversations, confessions about Dežo Ursiny's state of mind and about a generation entering the free world of music, film, literature, theatre and shifting into the world of real socialism. In the beginning of the '70s, hopes and expectations of 1968 were falling apart, just like characters and friendships. Life was shaking hands with death. The letters to Eva Rosenbaum are about all of this - about love, hopes and desires, battles, defeats, disappointments and failures. They come and find us like recovered footsteps of lost time.

Letters to Eva together with the letters to Zdenka Krejčová My Dear Lady (2007) and father-and-son letters between Dežo and Jakub Ursiny Hello Dad – Dear Kubo (2015), create a letters trilogy which shows us great loves of Dežo's life on a backgroud of important historical situations. All of this is linked by an arch of erotics, tenderness and education by teaching how to live and teaching by living.

Dežo Ursiny (1947 — 1995)

​Dezider Ursiny was a Slovak rock musician and a television and film screenwriter and director. He belongs to a wide group of legends of Czechoslovak Big Beat. Dežo Ursiny was a member of big beat bands The Beatmen, The Soulmen in the 1960s and since the mid-1970s, until his death he pursued a solo-career, composing sophisticated artistic and ... More.

Radoslav Bielený (1981)