Round Defense

Milan Šimečka

Essays, reflections and philosophical thoughts, extremely attractive for readers, as a defense against real socialism.

The book belongs to the legendary works of czecho-slovakian dissent. the text was written as a personal vocation to the people of the totalitarian state, as an encouragement to those who can due to the pressure of the big history start panicking that their personal small histories will break apart.

Milan Šimečka (1930 — 1990)

Slovak intellectual and a dissident, awarded by Human rights and the Journalist Award. Milan Simecka was born in 1930 in the Czech town of Novy Bohumin. Orphaned by the war, he attended university in Brno on a state stipendium, studying Russian and Czech literature. He moved to Bratislava in 1954 where he taught at the university and ... More.

Peter Gála