Fedor Gál, Miroslav Švolík, Peter Zajac

Twenty-five is the number of years that have passed from Velvet Revolution in Slovakia till 2014.

This book offers a mirror to the years 1989-2014. Both authors address important topics of these years in a mutual dialogue. Texts go hand in hand with photographs of Miro Švolík and together they offer a mosaic of the 25 years of independence.

Fedor Gál (1945)

Sociologist and the forecaster, co-founder of the Public against violence, founder of publishing house G plus G. More.

Miroslav Švolík (1960)

Miro Švolík has spent decades creating conceptual work that explores that human form in space. Probably best known for his overhead photographs of groups, Miro truly knows how to see the big picture. Miro Švolík was born in Zlate Moravce, Slovakia, in 1960. For 4 years, he studied Applied Photography at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, (graduated in 1979), and, thereafter, for six years, at the FAMU Film and TV School of the Academy ... More.

Peter Zajac (1946)


Matúš Hnát

He studied cultural Studies, now he works as a graphic artist and designer, living in Bratislava. More.