Alone Against the Night

Dominik Tatarka

It is 1970s, normalizing power ruins everything that needs to blossom. A banned poet Dominik Tatarka is sitting in the room of a family house on Mišíková street in Bratislava. He is pulling into the typewriter and placing the papers in a large wicker basket. Dominik Tatarka is writing, transcribing, re-working short or a bit longer autobiographical records, dreams, memories, reflections, metaphors. About mother, women, love, about power which went astray and forgot all about responsibility and decency, about friends and colleagues, creation, community ... His thoughts roaming alone against the night.

Dominik Tatarka (1913 — 1989)

Tatarka`s basic feelings are loneliness and anxiety face-to-face with himself, God and the world as a whole. Man is uprooted, he is no longer part of the community or the nation and therefore has no way of neutralizing his occasional feelings of lonelines Tatarka`s first books are collections of novellas expressing and reflecting his personal experiences during the late 1930`s and early 1940`s. The Miraculous Virgin is a surreal vision of love which is also a sound protest against Fascism. ... More.

Erik Jakub Groch

Poet, designer and publisher, author of several books for children He entered official literature in 1989 with a collection of poems Private Lessons in Sadness. Groch's poetics is based on the so-called Christian lyric in its more civil variation. Especially in the second book his poetry is expressed in a modern way ... More.

Michal Mojžiš