Eight Percent of Nothing

Etgar Keret

Keret's own special collection of his favorite early short stories for Artforum.

Keret presents a collection of 51 miscellaneous stories which could have happened to anyone of your friends. Or not. The author's specific style is well known among the Slovak readership from his earlier books: Suddenly, a knock on the door or from the Czech edition The flying Santini. In his short stories, Keret brings ordinary situations to absurd endings, gives simple situations a surprising outcome and thus gives a daring, often brutal and natural description of our world and people.

The cover illustration is by Svetlana Fialová. All credit for a great translation goes to Silvia Singer.

Etgar Keret (1967)

Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television. Keret's first published work was Pipelines (צינורות, Tzinorot, 1992), a collection of short stories which was largely ignored when it came out. His second book, Missing Kissinger (געגועיי לקיסינג'ר, Ga'agu'ai le-Kissinger, 1994), a collection of fifty ... More.

Silvia Singer (1976)

Translator from Hebrew to czech and slovak language was born in Košice, now living in Prague. More.

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