Martin Beďatš

Fight - slim book of Martin Bedly Beďatš is a bit special road story. The main characters, which call themselves capacities, are called Agon and Via. They are very close. They hit the road.

They travel to search for truth and meaning of life. It sounds almost banal. Or terribly serious. In Beďatš text, however, neither one nor the other is completely true - he provides a playful surrealist prose. There are also some fights. Mainly the inner ones.

Martin Beďatš (1969)

Architect and guitar player of a Slovak group Bez ladu a skladu Martin Beďatš. Martin Bedats - Bedly is the guitarist and one of the founders, composers and lyricist of the legendary band "Bez ladu a skladu", architect, Head of the Department of the Chief Architect of the city Trenčín. Manuscript of book "Zápas" was created in ... More.

Marek Naglmüller (1967)

Czech graphic designer , author of dozens covers of books and their layouts. More.