This should be written in the present tense

Helle Helle

This should be written in the present tense. But it isn’t. Dorte should be at uni in Copenhagen. But she’s not. She should probably put some curtains up in her new place.And maybe stop sleeping with her neighbour’s boyfriend. Perhaps things don’t always work out the way they should. Helle Helle has won the GOLDEN LAUREL literary prize for This Should be Written in the Present Tense.

"Helle Helle’s new novel This should be written in the present shows a writer who definitely has something to ”write write” about and does it hilariously, lovingly and dead seriously. (…) To be frank: This should be written in the present is a wonderful reading experience."
- Mai Misfeldt, Berlingske Tidende

"Basic curiosity drives the reader, and Helle Helle plays her cards economically with a flair for maximum effect. The author rests in her style."
- Erik Svendsen, Jyllands-Posten

"Some pieces of literature, no matter how great an effort you make as a critic, cannot be opened or captured in a way that does the work justice. That’s how I feel about Helle Helle’s new and unusually precious novel This should be written in the present. (…) Most of the sentences are small works of art, containing a whole story in itself.  Helle Helle outdoes herself." - Nanna Goul, Weekendavisen "Of course there has been breaches of realism in her writing before, but this time Helle Helle is decidedly mischievous doing it. With her small meta hints, she puts out her tongue at the interpretive reader. Yes, she does. It is small and pointy, the tongue, but it’s there.  But that too is a quality. For of course is This should be written in the present an excellent novel, yet another sleek and nonchalant masterpiece from Helle Helle’s hand." - Tue Andersen Nexø, Information

— Danish Press, Mala som to písať v prítomnom čase

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