Good Stanzas

Marián Benkovič, Pavol Remiaš, ml.

All the lyrics by Modré hory and something more about them

It's the beginning of summer 2016. Lyrik and I are sitting in Artforum, talking to Monika Kompaníková and Vlado Michal about our another crazy idea. We want to publish a book named Good Stanzas, including all the lyrics of our band Modré hory (Blue Mountains). Throughout the years, we had to answer the question "Why don't you have lyrics in your booklets?" many times. We also wanted to add stories to some of them. After few days I sent the titles of all the songs to Artforum. It's 63. Sixty-three! Wow. We're freaks, I thought. Lyrik and I start to talk about all the songs, we listen to them - some of them we didn't hear for a couple of years and there are some we don't even remember. We can't agree what some of them are actually about. Then I remember my favourite author, king of kings - Gabriel García Márquez, who began his autobiography Living to Tell the Taleby words: "Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it". At that moment I realize, that in our stories there is a lot of half-truths. Anyway, dear reader, be sure that we are not willing to lie to you, it's just that sometimes our memories are stronger than reality. I wish you a pleasant reading and I hope that you will experience at least a bit of the fun we've had these past nine years.


Marián Benkovič (1984)


Pavol Remiaš, ml. (1979)


Peter Gála


Martina Rozinajová (1984)

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