Tracy's Tiger

William Saroyan

This new edition of America's iconic amendment reiterates the charming story of Tracy, who is since one day accompanied by a tiger. Tracy was waiting for him since his childhood to awaken in him a love for Laura and teach him another important things that he needs for his transformation into a man.

A new translation, dozens of great full-color illustrations, fold 8-pages altar, sensitive image processing. Illustrations registered to BIB 2009 and Bologna 2010. Above all this one of the best texts of world literature.

About this edition:

"Painting is a dip into your own secret desires," says Martina.

"It's an adventure, about which you never know how it ends ." She said.

Like life, the Tracy´s, as well as ours. It's good not to walk alone. It is good to have your tiger.

Tiger, who sometimes looks like a black panther and sometimes quite different.

Savage and snuggling, free, and suffering animal.



It is good that we can sometimes catch a glimpse of our tiger.

Touch him and talk to him, and one day look while he leaves.

Therefore Martina´s pictures. Tracy and his tiger, and what belongs to him inseparable: people, city, coffee, love, and psychiatry.

Surface of the paper is not enough. Therefore, Martina adds a third dimension - space and also a challenge for you to add your deeply private fourth dimension.

William Saroyan (1908 — 1981)

William Saroyan was an internationally renowned Armenian-American writer, playwright and humanitarian. His fame, and his most enduring achievements as a writer, date from the 1930's. He dazzled, entertained and uplifted millions, with hundreds of short st Saroyan's talent was first projected to the world through the medium of an Armenian-English newspaper, Hairenik of Boston. In 1934, at the age of 26, with the publication of his first book The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, William Saroyan ... More.

Marián Andričík (1964)

He is engaged in literary studies and as translator, he worked as editor of Dotyky magazin He completed one and a half month internship in the American University in Washington. From 1996 he taught at the University of Prešov. In 2003 he finished his PhD thesis Generic problems of translation. He is a translator of poetry, prose, plays, radio ... More.

Martina Matlovičová (1975)

One of the most original and most appreciated Slovak illustrator, author of the book illustrations Tracy tiger and Giraffe mom. More.

Palo a Janka Bálik

Janka and Palo Balik were starting with us our publishing house as a graphic designers, devised and created for Artforum many covers and visuals of a books. Many of them were awarded in the competition The Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia. More.