The book about vermin

Jiří Dvořák

All around us there are many animals that we usually don´t perceive or can not see, or we don´t even want to see. We share our garden with them , our home, bed or even our own skin . It is worth it to learn how they live, who they are and what is their story . Don´t look at them just as a kind of vermin . I look at them through the eyes of a scientist to learn something about them, and also about myself . In Hávedník .

Jiří Dvořák (1970)


Jana Michalová (1964)

Wife, mother, grandmother, librarian, reader She was born in Czechoslovakia and although she grew up in Žilina, at home their were spoken czech. She graduated in Librarianship at the Faculty of Arts and Social Work at the Faculty of Education of Comenius University. She works in BIBIANA, International ... More.

Daniela Olejníková (1986)

One of the most notable figures of Slovak contemporary book illustration. More.

Palo Bálik (1977)

Typographer, graphic designer and head of the Laboratory of the Department of Typography at the Faculty of Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In his free time he is devoted to organizing the exhibitions, lectures and popularization in the field of visual communication. Books with his layouts and graphic design have been awarded by many prizes. (Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia, Bratislava ... More.