Franck Thilliez

Continued thriller syndrome E. Main characters- Lieutenant Lucie Hennebelle and the Commissioner Franck Sharko meet again at a new case - they are looking for the key, bringing together several quite unrelated murders.

Franck Thilliez (1973)

Franck Thilliez is the author of numerous bestselling novels in his native France. Franck Thilliez (born 15 October 1973 in Annecy) is a French writer.Thilliez was a computer engineer for a decade before he began writing. His book La Chambre des morts was made into a film. More.

Aňa Ostrihoňová (1980)

She worked as a translator for the European Commission and the European Parliament. After returning to Slovakia she founded the publishing house Inaque. She also publishes essays and reviews for the newspaper , literary magazine and tv.. More.

Peter Gála