Jana Beňová


Slovak poet and prose writer, and also a journalist and reporter nominated for Anasoft litera award 2013.

She debuted with a collection of poems, Svetloplachý (1993), following up with another poetry collection, Lonochod (1997). Just as in her debut, this too is a ‘travelogue’ of interpersonal relationships, love, and observations on life. A collection of poems, Nehota(1997), a novel, Parker (2001), and a collection of short stories, Dvanásť poviedok a Ján Med (2003), followed. Her short stories are marked by a poetical sensibility bound with poignant insights into the human mind and human behaviour.

In the spring of 2008, the L.C.A. publishing house published Plán odprevádzania(Seeing People Off), subtitled Café Hyena. Her novel Preč! Preč! (Get off! Get off!) is marked by her original humour and ease of expression – precise, lively and spontaneous.